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"Second Chances" Page 3. Issue 1.

I figured it's been so long, but I recently discovered that people have been posting my other Doctor Who Rose+10 page 5 online and are STILL commenting on my deviantart to this day and I was surprised to learn that people still care about Rose, Jack, and Doctor 9 & 10. That was encouraging I guess so I will post this page 3 of "Second Chances" here, and then when I have a little more time I will x-post it to all those Doctor Who comms.

I decided that any smut contained within this comic will be R-rated and something you might find in a mainstream comic. For example there's a pretty steamy scene in an official Firefly comic I read recently so that's my personal guideline. You can get a lot across without having to actually draw stuff that gynecologists could use as reference, lmao.

So as long as that's okay with you guys! Here's page 3. (After the cut of course)

page3x copy
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