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Comic: Page 1

Page 01, Issue 1 - "Left Behind"
Warnings: Spoilers for season 1 finale! (Parting of the Ways)
Notes: Here's the first page of the comic! This issue is written from Jack's POV. The whole comic was written pre-torchwood/pre-season 3 so Im sure much of it will get Jossed once they air, but oh well :( Although there IS smut, this isnt a PWP so dont expect nakedness on every page! There are also OCs but no mary-sues but as far as this page goes, there are no warnings. Totally work safe. Enjoy!
Thanks a million to aiffo and aibhinn for continuing to help me and beta the script for this!!

Ive discovered a new way of coloring in photoshop! I think it shaved 10 hours off the time it took to color this (previously it would take me 16 hours to color.. this took 6!) It possibly looks a bit rushed as a result but oh well. Im proud of the way I foreshortened Jack's arms in the second frame *_* I usually can never draw that kinda thing without reference! There was very minimal tracing in this (the last frame a tiny bit). I hope you can tell its Jack >.> Im gonna try and improve on faces!!

comments are muchly appreciated!!

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