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2nd page (forgive the delay)

Page 02, Issue 1 - "Left Behind"
Warnings: Spoilers for season 1 finale! (Parting of the Ways). Totally work safe.
Notes: 2nd page! narration from Jack's POV. Thanks to aiffo and aibhinn for invaluable beta help!

Firstly I want to thank all the lovely lovely people who commented and friended this community. It means sooo much to me (81 people watching already!!) Sorry for taking weeks to do this.. it really only took me 2 days to draw but due to some personal stuff as well as college it is kinda super hard for someone with time management skills as bad as mine to find the time :/ Im reading the idiot's guide to managing your time so hopefully that will help (HA). I spent forever on this to make up for the fact that i made yall wait so long, but I really cant spend this much time on each page so expect the next pages to be MUCH simpler. Sorry but thats the way its gotta be :/ Hopefully you'll all keep reading though! Maybe once in a while I can spoil ye with a purty page :D

Anyway Im sure you're all eager to get to the smut (as I am!)

I still haven't decided on a name for the comic (but I'm liking 'Reattached') what do you think??

no tracing for this page. Thanks to time-and-space.co.uk for their screencaps and Hubble's website for awesome images of nebulae that i used (cus me=cheap whore) and spy.glass.net for their awesome brushes (which i still dont really know how to use O_o; )

comments are <3

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