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First page! And first post!

Alright so this is the first post *yay*.

Thank you to everyone who comes by here and decides to read this comic!

So how did this all start? After watching Doomsday (the second season finale of Doctor Who) and bawling my eyes out I decided to take my angst out in some sort of creative outlet. I read many a post-doomsday fic as well as much doctor who smut but I knew I hated writing, so I decided to instead draw a fan comic!

I posted it to LJ here ---> http://community.livejournal.com/time_and_chips/2424301.html

thanks a billion to everyone who liked it *_* So I guess this is a sequel of sorts.. although this is going to be SMUTTIER and hopefully have a somewhat plot. I wrote the main arc of it while I was in Australia and Im still in the process of writing each issue (so until Ive finished with all the writing bits, updating the actual pages might be a bit sporadic. I hope to finish writing it soon tho!)

This originally wasn't going to be in color but after looking at some real webcomics I changed my mind :D I need to work WAY faster on this though if Im going to keep doing each page in color, the 5th page of the doomsday comic took 16 hours just to color O_o; Im aiming for 5 hours tops on coloring each page, so sorry if these arent the same quality :/ I might even have to make a few pages in B & W once in a while, so dont whine :P

Im really challenging myself with this. I hope to improve the way i draw people, as well as try and make the panels interesting (this is my first attempt!) and learn to color things in fast!!

Community Rules: There arent really any, except I have zero tolerance for ANY hateful/homophobic remarks. Feel free to criticize my drawings (I encourage it! XD) But please nothing immature regarding seeing boobies or bums or about the doctor sooo being asexual :P Hopefully we're all adults here.

I am going to TRY and post 2 pages a week, but not starting yet. I have finished the first page and will post it here as a sort of preview. I wish I could do these faster :( Anyway, I hope all the OT3 fans out there will enjoy this! (And I hope it encourages some doctor who fans to make fan comics of their own!!)
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