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Alrighty!! So, yeah I decided to start a LJ community for the web comic I'm making!

Warning: this comic contains spoilers for the new series of doctor who leading up to the 1st episode of season 3 as well as some early Torchwood (starring John Barrowman as Captain Jack)

This comic is based on the awesomely awesome sci-fi show Doctor Who, specifically the new series, and revolves around the characters Jack, The Doctor and Rose. It's an OT3, epic, smut-filled, angsty, post-doomsday fan comic, if you will. It takes place both immediately after Parting of the Ways (season 1 finale) with Jack attempting to find his way back to the doctor and also after Doomsday with The Doctor trying to find his way back to Rose. Smut ensues, you get the picture.

WARNING: This comic will most likely offend some people, possibly doctor who fans. If you faint at the sight of the following: [smut, guy on guy action, jack/the doctor, the doctor/the doctor, rose/the doctor, het, threesomes, noncon, brutal beatings, angsty post-doomsday/POTW fics] then I suggest you LEAVE now and save yourself the trouble. If however, you read that list and thought "oooo, lemme see!" then sit back and enjoy!!

This comic is rated R for mature/ possibly NC-17, and contains (as seen above) mature sexual themes, graphic sexual situations, naughty language, and violence. If you are under 18 or are just plain immature, then I suggest you leave now! (I really DON'T want your mommy yelling at me, kthx)

This community is a closed community, meaning only I can post things, but I encourage you to comment as much as you like! Tell me what you like! Tell what turns you on! Discuss john barrowman's lovely bottom! It's all good.

As of now I am unsure how often I will post the pages. I am still in the writing stages, but once I have written it entirely, I will start posting the pages and will aim for at least 2 pages a week.

*Please do not post these comics anywhere else. If you want to use part of them for some purpose send me a message!

I will X-post updates to time_and_chips, 500year_diary, better_with_3, and timeslipping

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